The Foraker Group Benefit Plan to Remain in Community Pool

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Despite everyone’s best effort, moving The Foraker Group Benefit Plan from its current community pool to an association plan will not be possible this fall as we had hoped. After much discussion at its July meeting, the Governance Board decided a change at this point is not in the best interest of Partners. While there are several positive aspects to moving out of the community pool, overall the move could result in increased premiums. While our claims experience is favorable compared to other groups similar to us, the size of our pool just isn’t large enough to stand alone as an association plan.

However, The Foraker Group plan is not going away. Foraker is working closely with Wallace Insurance Group and Premera to develop the next generation of the benefit plan. It will be incubated as a new pool within the community pool with an increased emphasis on wellness. We believe that the wellness strategies that are the basis of the Foraker plan are still dynamic and provide real benefits to the organizations that make use of them. We also believe a Foraker Group Association Plan will become a reality. While the road hasn’t been as smooth as we wished, we are making the necessary changes so that we can eventually transition into our own plan.

If you have questions, please contact Rebecca Savidis at, or call 907-743-1200. Learn more about The Foraker Group.

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